Get Involved

We invite you to join with the Young Lords by organizing your own local event on the theme of “Activism Past and Present.” We'll bring people together in locations across New York to educate, build community, and inspire social justice activism. All events and activities will be posted on the events page of this website.


Decide the focus of your activity and choose on an event format. For example, the program can be a discussion between educators and students, a panel presentation by local activists, a cultural gathering, a film screening, or a book reading.


Identify the location, date, coordinators, and presenters. The location can be a school, community space, or church, anywhere that people gather - just like the Young Lords did back in the day.


Determine the title and write up the details of your event including the date, place, time, and contact information. Submit the below form and we will post your event on the Young Lords NY Events page.

Send Your Event Details